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about us

The Beltway Studios is a Media Venture ColLaboratory that combines the key features of research, education and innovation hubs, leveraging design thinking, project based learning, and network vectors to advance and disseminate knowledge at the intersection of creativity and technology, and provide students and venture candidates with the agility and skills to excel in the future workforce.  Beltway works closely with evolving industries such as transportation, architecture, real estate, education and athletics, cognitive science and bio-engineering to develop immersive platforms and markets were none had previously existed.

Beltway Studios was founded by Stephan Fitch and Jack Hollerbach in 2016 with the goal of developing and exploiting the inter-disciplinary opportunities evolving @ the intersection of technology and media.  The fast evolving landscape of immersive experiences such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed-Reality poise both opportunities and challenges in education, bio engineering and athletics among countless others industries.  



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Design Thinking has changed the way we educate. Project-based learning and problem solving creates the roadmap to innovation and invention.  The opportunities we pursue are based on solving a problem or need "uncaptured" in the market.  Design thinking does not suggest being first is best, but rather being best is first.  

concept prototyping

Beltway Studios is a both a  lab and production facility that will quickly prototype concepts and bring them off the whiteboard and into the real world.  Lets us show you how.

motion capture

Motion Capture allows us to analyze movement and visualize the data in a myriad of ways.  For Athletes we can use the tools to record performance and conditioning metrics whether to perfect a technique, overcome a weakness, or rehabilitate from injury.  We can record an entire game digitally and view from any angle.  For dancers, and actors we can demonstrate the theater of the future, where they can project their performance into your home or on any street corner and cafe on earth.


immersive data visualization

It if makes a noise or moves it generates data (seen or unseen) monitored and measured as statistics, economics, music, dance, financials, entertainment, research.  All data tells a story.  There are new ways to see it.  There are new pathways to our understanding and narratives.

VR, AR & MR Production

There are many technologies for Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality in the marketplace and everyday a new device seems to emerge that impacts the landscape and demonstrate new incredible possibilities.  Beltway embraces them as they emerge and develops applications that utilize the unique features of each to tell better stories and to create utilities that help businesses grow.


Everything we do engages a narrative in our minds.  Our cognitive capacity and ability to convey a narrative is the foundation of our humanity.  If you are building something, developing an idea, bringing a product or concept to the market, managing your business, fighting crime or a wild fire, it doesn't matter.  Your capacity to convey a narrative is the backbone of your success.  Beltway can help you do it better.

Over the years I have come to expect nothing less than the quantum leaps in resolute dedication to realizing the impossible and improbable idea by the team assembled by Mr. Fitch.
— Cornrow Pickersnip


The team

Stephan Fitch, Co-Founder, President & CEO

Stephan Fitch, Co-Founder, President & CEO



Stephan Fitch is a visionary thought leader and entrepreneur with over 25 years of executive experience at the convergence of media, technology and design. Fitch has a record of innovation and achievement in product development, relationship building, global marketing, strategic growth and business transformation. Thinking Pictures, founded in 1993, develops of proprietary technology to create customized media solutions for its clients. With Thinking Pictures, Fitch’s projects have pioneered the development of proprietary interactive technology to create customized media solutions, including digital out of home networks, computer perception and wearable video. Clients and partnerships include Sony, Microsoft, Apple, Universal Pictures, Universal Music, Time Inc, AT&T, Cisco, Intel Corp, NYT, News Corp, Dow Jones, Disney, Herman Miller and the Rolling Stones.

Thinking Pictures Studios (TPS), founded in 2010, brings ideas to life through extreme and agile programming and rapid prototyping, bridging storytelling with industrial design, fashion, wearables, VR/AR, IoT and computer science. TPS projects include Xaisle, which supplies interactive solutions as part of a Digital Out of Home Network tailored for retail; Juke, which leverages micro sensor technologies and biofeedback to capture and record the movements and performance metrics of athletes in the field of play; Project Zebra - an online children’s platform that allows kids to become producers, writers, animators & storytellers for their own COPPA compliant global network, as well as a platform using AR & VR as real estate solution, bridging pre-development/conceptualization, construction/planning processes and pre-sales of residential and commercial properties. With With Beltway Studios, TPS is engaged in bringing a full-service soundstage to the DC region as part of a media campus that leverages interdisciplinary research from the higher learning institutions in the region through a media incubator/ accelerator.

Fitch is a graduate of MIT Media Lab. He speaks regularly at MIT and other academic venues. He lives in California, where Thinking Pictures Studios is headquartered and spends a great deal of time in DC.

Jack Hollarbach, Co-Founder, Executive Vice President & CFO

Jack Hollarbach, Co-Founder, Executive Vice President & CFO



Jack is responsible for the finance and administrative functions of the company, and represents us in the business community. He is the Founder and President of Hollerbach & Associates LLC, a board and management advisory firm focused on companies emerging, getting ready to expand or undergoing change. The firm’s activities have included the founding of HarVest Bank of Maryland in 2003, where Jack served as founding CEO, and major reconstruction assignments at Old Dominion National Bank, The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and Volunteers of America, where he assumed interim leadership roles. Previous experience includes substantive roles at public and private companies in the banking, technology, construction and non-profit sectors. He has been the Founder of three companies including Beltway Studios, and has been a past winner of the DC area Smart CEO Award, Montgomery Small Business Leader of the Year,  Maryland Association of CPAs Statewide Public Service Award and the Maryland Chamber’s Small Business of the Year Award.  Hollerbach has been an Adjunct Professor of Finance at the American University and Johns Hopkins MBA Programs for the past decade, and has served on a number of Boards, including the Chesapeake Bay Trust, Baltimore Symphony, Maryland Chamber of Commerce, Potomac Ridge Behavioral Health, Maryland Incubator Company of the Year Awards Committee, and the TEDCO Working Capital Loan Committee.




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