about us

The Beltway Studios is a Media Venture ColLaboratory that combines the key features of research, education and innovation hubs, leveraging design thinking, project based learning, and network vectors to advance and disseminate knowledge at the intersection of creativity and technology, and provide students and venture candidates with the agility and skills to excel in the future workforce.  Beltway works closely with evolving industries such as transportation, architecture, real estate, education and athletics, cognitive science and bio-engineering to develop immersive platforms and markets were none had previously existed.

Beltway Studios was founded by Stephan Fitch and Jack Hollerbach in 2016 with the goal of developing and exploiting the inter-disciplinary opportunities evolving @ the intersection of technology and media.  The fast evolving landscape of immersive experiences such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed-Reality poise both opportunities and challenges in education, bio engineering and athletics among countless others industries.