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Design Thinking has changed the way we educate. Project-based learning and problem solving creates the roadmap to innovation and invention.  The opportunities we pursue are based on solving a problem or need "uncaptured" in the market.  Design thinking does not suggest being first is best, but rather being best is first.  

concept prototyping

Beltway Studios is a both a  lab and production facility that will quickly prototype concepts and bring them off the whiteboard and into the real world.  Lets us show you how.

motion capture

Motion Capture allows us to analyze movement and visualize the data in a myriad of ways.  For Athletes we can use the tools to record performance and conditioning metrics whether to perfect a technique, overcome a weakness, or rehabilitate from injury.  We can record an entire game digitally and view from any angle.  For dancers, and actors we can demonstrate the theater of the future, where they can project their performance into your home or on any street corner and cafe on earth.


immersive data visualization

It if makes a noise or moves it generates data (seen or unseen) monitored and measured as statistics, economics, music, dance, financials, entertainment, research.  All data tells a story.  There are new ways to see it.  There are new pathways to our understanding and narratives.

VR, AR & MR Production

There are many technologies for Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality in the marketplace and everyday a new device seems to emerge that impacts the landscape and demonstrate new incredible possibilities.  Beltway embraces them as they emerge and develops applications that utilize the unique features of each to tell better stories and to create utilities that help businesses grow.


Everything we do engages a narrative in our minds.  Our cognitive capacity and ability to convey a narrative is the foundation of our humanity.  If you are building something, developing an idea, bringing a product or concept to the market, managing your business, fighting crime or a wild fire, it doesn't matter.  Your capacity to convey a narrative is the backbone of your success.  Beltway can help you do it better.

Over the years I have come to expect nothing less than the quantum leaps in resolute dedication to realizing the impossible and improbable idea by the team assembled by Mr. Fitch.
— Cornrow Pickersnip